WIPORWIL presents:
Mesmera XVIII:

Spirit and Passion!


Join Mesmera and Wiporwil for our 18th event this Spring!!! Alabama is absolutely gorgeous in the spring!!! Friday Hafla at my home,
Saturday classes, Saturday Gala Show starring Mesmera!! We’ll top the weekend off with a morning session of classes on Sunday!

Classes and the Saturday Gala show will be at the beautiful Broadway Recreation Center in Florence, Alabama.
On Saturday, lunch from Ricatoni’s will be available. They are reasonably priced and delicious!!

Bring your veils and zils for exciting layering technique!! Shop with the vendors (TBA) and enjoy the weekend!

Saturday, April 30, 2015

Including Technique for Grounding: weight change, footwork, posture, stance, leg carriage and accents, balance. We can add Veils and Zils

Universal core and pelvic floor strength and mobility, directions, combos,
layers, undulations and accents

Universal Heart/Embrace: Upperbody strength and range of motion, Shoulder
and Arm carriage, Wrist and Hand Detail. We will add Veil!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Including a Moving Exploration of:
Sense and Sensuality, Imagination, Inspiration, Stage Presence and Charisma,
Dance Persona, Intention. Please bring your zils and veils for exciting layering!!

Dear Dancers,
We've heard it said our strongest feelings make lasting memories. It's true
that high-spirited dancers make strong impressions with their passionate
performances! With so much technique being certified, I'm diving deep into
awakening this essential element in all my classes. Excited to dance with
you this Spring: the perfect time to surge forward and make passionate
progress! Love, Mesmera